CRS MedThe health check
for the whole family


Thanks to the CRS health check, it is now possible to show up many factors of metabolic regulation that are directly important for health prevention.

After the measurement that only takes a few minutes, the pharmacist interprets the result together with the customer and - if required - prepares a plan for the customer for improving the values.

By means of follow-up measurements, the progress can be tracked and the measures can be adapted to the course. You as a pharmacist offer your customers a new transparency that is convincing. Thanks to the non-invasive method, CRS measurement is suitable equally for anybody, from small children to senior citizens.


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The CRS®-prevent-system is especially recommended for:

  • the food industry
  • fitness studios and spas
  • pharmacies


A CRS®-prevent measurement provides the following results:


  • Protection from metabolic acidosis
  • Body's defense
  • Metabolic regulation
  • Physical training status
  • Protection from oxidative stress
  • Mental stress capacity
  • Connective tissue condition
  • General performance capability
  • Micronutritional requirements



Presentation of the measured results

The value of each individual parameter is shown using a "window" in a coloured, horizontal scale. The calculated numerical value is supported visually by the colours of the scale ranging from red and orange to green, this clear presentation allowing for a fast analysis of the results.

Meaning of the measured values

The parameters of the health status are based on the indicators. Each of them describes an aspect of cellular metabolic regulation and its effects on the health status.

Values in the green area show a normal regulation of the respective parameter. The more the values turn to the yellow and/or orange area, the more regulation by the organism is required for compensating for the changed requirements and/or the additional strains. Values in the red area can indicate a disease and therefore have to be examined further, either by means of follow-up measurements or established diagnostic procedures realised by a physician or practitioner.

The measurement results can be handed out to the customer, accompanied with individual advise for the improvement of the customers health status.


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