Cardiocode - the innovation in cardiology

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Cardiocode is the first in the world medical Instrumentation designed for indirect measuring hemodynamic parameters on the basis of heart phase analysis.

This is a unique instrument that is capable of measuring hemodynamic parameters in every of ten heart cycles. The measuring technique as the most advanced basis of the instrument operation makes it possible to obtain a huge volume of different data on status and conditions of the cardiovascular system of every patient during only several minutes.

CARDIOCODE - Heart- and circulation-diagnostics


With a high probability:

  • Prognosis of the endoganous danger of sudden cardiac death
  • Prognosis of a stroke
  • The functional connection of the baroreceptors of the aorta with the SA-knot of the right atrium
  • Prognosis of the mechanism regulation of the diastolic pressure

Meaningful and reliable

CARDIOCODE shows 7 parameters of hemodynamics and rates 13 parameters of the hearts activity. The device may with a high probability predict an insult 2-3 months in advance



The device can be used in various fields, and by the comparison of the phases the actual state and the actual possibility of the circulation can be evaluated. At the same time a probable prognosis of the actual state can be applied.


Handy and comfortable

A diagnosis completes within 3-5 minutes. Within 2-3 days the handling of the device can be learned.



Cardiocode is very compact and low in current consumtion - it is possible to use it under the most adversarial conditions.



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