Function of the device AMP with program USPIH

 Function of the device AMP with program USPIH

A method of the device AMP working is based on correlation of heat generation and produced work in a system of internal circulation of the blood. The heat is generated as a result of chemical reaction of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon and also substances without nitrogen. The changes of temperatures determine an activation of chemical elements, first of all oxygen. This activation brings on a changing of correlation of nitrogenous compounds, hydrogenous compounds and solubility coefficient of oxygen. All of them correlate with changes of an oxygen solubility coefficient and a generation rate of CO2. They also are self-regulating and change a protein and lipid rate of cellular membrane.

These items determine an activity of phospholipid factor of thrombocytes. There is such factor practically in all blood cells. The course of these chemical conversions is under genetic control of hemapoiesis (potentiality of primitive blood cell differentiation is in the range of 49023 of a primitive blood cell division). This process depends on the rate of oxygen supply, the activity of phospholipid factor of thrombocytes, solubility coefficient of oxygen, pH medium and temperature.

The important thing of these processes is a functioning (working) of erythrocytes' hemoglobin. It depends on conversion of NH and COOH bonds. They are components of glycine and succinic acid (both are the parts of globin). The course of these reactions is cyclic. It is continuous process of substance transition: gas-liquid-crystalline substance. The rate of crystallization depends on activity of phospholipids, triglycerides and cholesterol. Their correlation depends on changes of solubility coefficient of oxygen. This coefficient also influences on phospholipid factor of thrombocytes.

The device AMP has 5 sensors, which should be placed in bioactive fields of a men's body (2 sensors - on the left and the right bifurcation of aorta, 2 sensors - in the left and the right axilla creases and 1 sensor - in the navel region - the region of fusion of aorta, descending vein and lymphatic duct).

There is no influence to a patient during examination. The device determines the influence of environment to a patient (the influence of atmosphere pressure, solar heat etc.) or rather the degree of this influence in correlation with heat generation and emission (an enthalpy and an entropy of energy). They direct a genetic code of cellular elements of blood and biochemical parameters of homeostasis generation.

The method in whole is widely described in monograph by A.Malykhin "Thermoregulation of an organism and vegetovascular paroxysms".


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